ZippSlip Highlights

Only have a few minutes?

This 3 minute video offers the highlights of our testimonials posted here. It’s a bit of a “highlight reel”.

Cal Heminway, Chairman of the Board, Granby Public Schools

“As soon as we introduced [ZippSlip] in our Intermediate Schools, we had calls from parents saying please implement it in the High Schools and Primary Schools where they also wanted the same facility. It’s the same thing as far as our teachers and administrators are concerned: they love it!”

Eric Sheninger, Principal, New Milford High School

“We’ve been using ZippSlip for a little over a year. It is a fantastic 21st century tool that does so many different things… Not only have we gone paperless with all of our forms, we’re also now able to contact our parents through ZippGrams… In this digital age, it just makes sense to use a product like ZippSlip to not only streamline our communications, but also to save some money in the process.”

John Keenan, Superintendent, Northern Highlands

“Northern Highlands HS is so pleased and proud to partner with ZippSlip for all of our on-line communication with our parents and our students… It’s been wonderful for Northern Highlands and I think you’ll appreciate all the time savings it will give you.”

Karl Gates, Teacher, F.M. Kearns Primary, Granby Public Schools

“We decided to use ZIppSlip to send all forms for Field Day. Usually, we have to send paper and it takes weeks to get responses from parents and sometimes they don’t come in at all. But with ZippSlip it was so quick. Within an hour we had over 80 parent volunteers! We actually had to send out a ZippGram to parents saying we did not need any more volunteers.”

ZippSlip’s Solution for Knox County Public Health Department

ZippSlip partnered with the Knox County (TN) Public Health Department in October and November to provide an online, paperless alternative to more than 20,000 students in Knoxville area schools. The paperless electronic form was available for completion from anywhere via the Internet, including Smart Phones. The electronic forms were also used onsite by medical personnel to dramatically streamline the entry of detailed vaccination data which previously was completed entirely by hand, and entirely on paper. ZippSlip’s solution dramatically improved convenience and reduced costs. See the press coverage of the ZippSlip solution here: