Software reduces School Registration Costs by 95%, saves administrators time, lets parents avoid long lines

Boston, Massachusetts – April 16, 2015 — ZippSlip, one of the leading providers of online registration and school communications systems, announced today that it has made available its highly efficient, low cost 2015/2016 system for all schools, private or public, looking to save the time, money and aggregation typically associated with traditional, paper-based student registration. The ZippSlip 2015/2016 Online Registration and School Communications System release was available April 1, 2015.

The ZippSlip online solution—known for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface—enables schools to streamline the registration process by instantly removing the manual, tedious, and repetitive work associated with traditional student registration practices—all while saving the school up to 95% of its registration budget.

Educators struggle daily trying to manage mounds of paper, and to navigate through a plethora of web applications that deliver extremely low parental adoption. ZippSlip allows districts to eliminate paper and to consolidate communications—through one comprehensive system—to the parent and student community. ZippSlip is the only “single” platform built to deliver any type of information to any parent from anyone in the district—from superintendents to science teachers, from principals to PTA/PTO.

“We are very excited to have our 2015/2016 version of ZippSlip ready for the North American market, and look forward to helping schools of all sizes simplify their registration process. Our mission is to allow schools to spend more time educating, and less time and budget on paperwork,” commented Mandy Torto, Chief Advocate Officer of ZippSlip. “With the ever-increasing costs associated with schools—with the average spend of over $50.00 per student on registration—we wanted to make a difference. Thus, our platform can now save schools up to 95% of their current registration budget alone, all while eliminating the time-intensive, frustrating, paper-based approach.”

As of the 2015 new school year, nearly 90% of parents will own either a smartphone or tablet: the average parent opens the home screen an average of 110 times per day. With ZippSlip’s online approach to school communications, the easy-to-use technology is the perfect solution to making communications with parents hassle-free and convenient.

Accessible anytime, anywhere, from any smartphone, tablet or computer, ZippSlip’s solutions also eliminate all compatibility issues, the constant upgrades associated with traditional software, or the cost incurred with the “newest” release. With ZippSlip, there is no new software or hardware to be deployed; it is always up to date, always compatible. Furthermore, faculty and staff can learn ZippSlip at their convenience and at their own pace, entirely online—at no extra cost.

ZippSlip is completely web secure, adhering to and in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).